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  • Phim Flash - The Flash - 2023 - Barry Allen (do Ezra Miller đóng) đã sử dụng siêu năng lực của mình để du hành thời gian và thay đổi quá khứ trong câu chuyện Flash. Nhưng sau khi vô tình thay đổi tương lai trong một nỗ lực cứu gia đình của mình, Barry đã bị kẹt trong một thế giới khác, nơi mà tướng Zod trở lại và đe dọa hủy diệt toàn bộ thế giới. Trong hoàn cảnh này, Barry cần phải tìm cách kêu gọi sự giúp đỡ từ một phiên bản Batman khác và giải cứu một người Kryptonian đang bị giam giữ. Tuy nhiên, sẽ có một khoảnh khắc đòi hỏi sự hy sinh của Barry để đưa thế giới trở lại như ban đầu.
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    • JPV852 23-08-2023 04:01 bởi JPV852

      There's some good stuff here and of course a good chunk was reminders of my childhood and fandome of Batman '89 and seeing Michael Keaton back in the role. The humor for the most part was fine but got a bit 'zany' at times, almost too goofy. I did enjoy the cameos which were amusing. It did touch me emotionally due to my personal issues going on right now. That said, this didn't completely work due to, let's say, inconsistencies in quality of the previous DCEU movies, most of them I did like but can acknowledge how the studio, in its various iterations, bungled it. And in regards to to Ezra Miller, one has to separate the artist from the art which given how much of a creep he is, is difficult to do when humor is one of the keys for the character. All in all, it was a satisfying and entertaining movie but considering that James Gunn is pretty much rebooting for a new DCU, it doesn't matter very much and I don't see myself watching again anytime soon. **3.5/5**

    • Louisa Moore - Screen Zealots 04-08-2023 06:56 bởi screenzealots

      “The Flash” has never been one of the most exciting superheroes (here he’s aptly self-described as the “janitor of the Justice League” who always seems to be “cleaning up bat messes”), so it should be seen as an even greater accomplishment that director Andy Muschietti‘s film is as good as it is. By placing an emphasis on the smarter and more emotional side of the story rather than the visual spectacle, the movie is thematically much richer than the customary loud and dumb summer popcorn flicks to which audiences are well-accustomed. In this DC Extended Universe (DCEU) installment, worlds collide when Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) uses his superpowers to travel back in time with the goal of preventing a tragic event in the past. His attempt to change the timeline has consequences, as he alters the future and creates a reality where there’s no Superman (Sasha Calle‘s introduction as Supergirl is fun, but feels rushed) or Aquaman, Batman (Michael Keaton) is retired, and General Zod (Michael Shannon) has returned and is threatening to annihilate the universe. Without the help of his fellow heroes, Barry must use his wits to save the world and reset the timetable before it’s too late. The story goes to a place that that will make every superhero fan groan: the multiverse. Don’t panic, though, co-writers Christina Hodson and Joby Harold have actually put care thoughtful care into their clever narrative, and the idea of different timelines and realities not only make sense, they aren’t wholly ridiculous or irritating. In similar films that head into the multiverse, it more often than not feels like a lazy cop-out where every death or shocking revelation can later be explained away by shouting, “Gotcha! It was only time manipulation.” Here, there are real consequences in situations where the stakes are extremely high. Barry partnering with an alternate version of himself is a lot of fun, as is meeting DC heroes old and new. There are a lot of amusing cameos that will make fans very happy. The core of the story is a classic one, giving Barry a real motivation to go back in time to alter the past. The thought of being able to change our present by finding the ability to prevent tragedy, right wrongs, and save the people we love is one that is universal, and it works well here. While the story is engaging, the visual effects are abysmal. The CGI is cartoonish and dark, with inarticulate motion and a dreary palette of dark grays and blues. It’s a terrible looking movie, something that is amplified during the poorly executed action sequences. Things that sound good on paper end up feeling lame, including a silly intro scene of a hospital that’s raining babies. The fight choreography and stunt work is so much better than the computer animated bits. My favorite element of the movie is Miller’s lead performance. He’s tasked with playing an alternate version of himself, sharing the screen with a younger Barry for much of the movie. This isn’t an easy thing to do, and Miller excels at it. This is one of his best performances, and one that plays perfectly into his endearing awkwardness and bumbling charm. Despite Miller’s disturbing string of personal scandals, you’ll find he’s the best thing about the film (if you have the ability to separate the art from the artist). I never expected to be so emotionally invested in a summer superhero movie about a character I care so little about, but “The Flash” has a sweet and touching story that’s combined with a lot of fun surprises, bursts of corny nostalgia, and a bevy of cameos that will result in audience cheers and applause. Strangely enough, it’s one of the best film in the DCEU canon. By: Louisa Moore

    • sizarled 30-07-2023 20:50 bởi sizarled

      Come all, let's witness an amazing adventure of action, adventure and sci-fi in the movie "The Flash" which will be released on June 16, 2023 in the United States. This movie follows the story of Barry Allen, who when trying to save his family unintentionally changes the future and becomes trapped in a reality where General Zod has appeared and there are no superheroes to turn to. To save the world and return to the future he knows, Barry's only hope is to race for his life. But will the ultimate sacrifice be enough to reset the entire universe? The movie is perfect for movie lovers who are looking for an exciting and suspenseful experience. The film features a talented ensemble cast led by Ezra Miller, Sasha Kali, Michael Keaton and Michael Shannon, which enhance the power of the performance and draw the viewers in with their outstanding performances. "The Flash" enjoys a large budget and wide public appreciation, with a cost of $ 190 million, and revenues of $ 267 million, 481 thousand and 43 dollars. This reflects the success of the film and its positive impact on the audience. Ultimately, "The Flash" combines the powerful elements of action-adventure and sci-fi, while delivering a poignant story about sacrifice for the greater good. So, I invite you to watch this wonderful movie and enjoy an exceptional cinematic experience full of action and suspense.

    • MovieGuys 20-07-2023 00:22 bởi MovieGuys

      The Flash utilises a tried and true concept, that of time travel and its paradoxes but doesn't really deliver anything of consequence. This film doesn't deliver for a variety of reasons. To my mind, the foremost is the lead character. The Flash's over cooked dripiness, unfunny, goofy antics and fall flat humour, can't quite "sell" the concept of him as a hero. If the films producers and writers, wanted to know how to develop a more accessible lead character, they should have looked at the series. It does a much better job at balancing the characters innate nerdiness, with his other, more heroic, qualities. The second point of failure is essentially re-inventing elements of the story from the series and past films. Flash fans who have watched the series, may well find the film adaptation somewhat repetitive and predictable. Equally recycling large swatches of past films, with tweaks here and there, isn't doing anything that "new" either. Perhaps the only real point of interest is utilising a range of past actors and characters, from the franchise, such as Batman, Superman/woman and Wonder Woman. In summary, not an awful film but still a little unoriginal. An outcome not helped by a rather annoying, lead character. This is balanced by decent action and the presence of other hero's from the franchise. That said, the fact its necessary to drop so many cameo's, is telling in and of, itself.

    • NeoTechMovies 19-07-2023 21:35 bởi NeoTechMovies

      I do not know how to explain the movie. I think I can say, it looks like a 90s CGI movie that was not done well, it is a nice concept, but really poorly executed. I will give it a 6 being really nice.

    • Differ 18-07-2023 17:47 bởi Differ

      _The Flash_. First announced in 2014 and released in mid-2023, it is arguably one of the worst DC movies to this date. Throughout all the problems, the most incomprehensible is certainly how Warner kept allowing such a person as Ezra Miller to be cast as the main role to be the face of a hero. With a budget of $200 million they were able to deliver the worst possible CGI ever seen, and with it a crumbled plot that wishes for more of everything but Flash. Michael Keaton has done a brilliant performance within this movie as a throwback to the 89's Batman. And with it, the new addition to the Justice League, Sasha Calle has done a fantastic job as Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), but both get rushed plot points that makes the audience wish for more of their screen time or even a solo movie and not the teenage nuisance that Barry Allen is. One minute, Supergirl rushes out ignoring everything, the other she's at the door regretting her decision and trying to help the rest of the characters. The same can be said about Michael Keaton's character. The movie dives into the concept of time and its dangerous potential, later forgetting everything about it and labeling it "multiverse" instead, following Marvel's recent movies like _Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness_ and _Spider-Man: No Way Home_ and not adding a single spark of creativity with it. But those movies at least have decent scores, the music within this one must have been selected from a random kid's playlist... The movie is also 2h 24m long, being completely unnecessary. Various scenes are completly descartable, an action scene at the start was put there with no thought whatsoever and is 15m of wasted narrative that could be used to invest in Supergirl's story (if she is here to stay). Iris West has no reason to be put into the movie. And for some reason they decided to make a bunch of cameos using CGI, and as previously said, that didn't go well. In the end, DC is still the same mess. They can't properly build a plot and create a movie that sustains its own beliefs. Ben Affleck's Batman, at the start, said we can't change our past due to the fact that those key moments that leave scars are the moments that build our foundation and make us who we are. It seems that Barry Allen didn't learn shit from this two-hour journey.

    • CinemaSerf 16-06-2023 04:05 bởi Geronimo1967

      Now I know that you are not supposed to put baby in a corner, but is a microwave ok? (Mind you, I've been on enough flights lately to find that latter idea has definite merit!). Anyway, this takes a while to get going as we are introduced to "Barry" (Ezra Miller) and taken through the family scenario that led his mother to be slaughtered in a burglary and to his father being charged with the murder. Desperate to save his dad from the chair and and to reincarnate mom, he decides to use his great speed to take on time itself! Despite being warned against this potentially reckless action by "Batman" (the most fleeting of appearances from Ben Affleck) he goes for it; gets knocked out of the timeline and finds himself face to face with - himself (only much better looking with wavy hair). This isn't the only thing that's changing on the old space-time continuum and shortly after, "General Zod" (Michael Shannon) arrives bent on avenging the destruction of his home world of "Krypton" on the people of Earth. "Barry" has to think on his nimble feet, and try to assemble what he can of the "Justice League" to combat this threat. Turns out "Bruce Wayne" (now Michael Keaton) has rather let himself go and "Superman" is being held in an impenetrable metal scrotum in Siberia. Time to galvanise and get a-rescuing before his future, all of their futures, are lost. Can they all save the world? I liked this film. It's got loads of action, plenty of pith in a script that is at the more adult (without loads of expletives) end of the spectrum and Miller has the "P" word. Personality. They are clearly enjoying this, and there is loads of charisma emanating from both performances from a star who bucks the normal trend of being handsome but rather wooden. Miller is the former, certainly, but they bring life to the role. It's fun, and abetted by a story that has some weight and plenty of pace to it, we are taken on a series of lightly comedic adventures that make 2 hours and 20 minutes quite literally whizz by. Sasha Calle gives us some diversion from the Ezra show as Superman's cousin - no slouch in a fight either, and Keaton does fine as he rehabilitates his disillusioned "Batman" character using his gadgets and gizmos to great effect. It's so much better than I was expecting and I have to say that I enjoyed the quirkiness of Miller's interpretation of "Barry" - nowhere near as sterile and simpering as Grant Gustin's pure as the driven snow portrayal. The multiverse can keep on inventing and reinventing scenarios and the visual effects can work wonders making just about anything possible - but without strong and personable characters then I am sure I will just bore of the relentless repetition of these stories. Miller is different. Sure, we all know of their much publicised flaws, but I hope the studio look past that and commit to a sequel that allows this actor to continue to do what they do well here - and that's to entertain us. Needs a big screen, it will look very ordinary on the telly.

    • Manuel São Bento 14-06-2023 18:41 bởi msbreviews

      FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://www.firstshowing.net/2023/review-andy-muschiettis-the-flash-movie-is-a-fun-love-letter-to-dc/ "The Flash contains excellent performances - Sasha Calle as Supergirl is mesmerizing - truly epic "super-speed" sequences, and countless moments of surprising humor. The interesting, profound parallels between Barry Allen's arcs, the emotional moral dilemmas about life's scars, and the return of Danny Elfman's iconic Batman theme are some of the aspects that make this blockbuster a very satisfying, nostalgic viewing with more heart than meets the eye, despite not being able to escape the predictability of its narrative formulas. Too bad that the visual effects are so inconsistent, and that the dependency on dreadful deepfakes is such a negatively impactful distraction. That said, it's one of the best movies from the nearly-extinguished DCEU." Rating: B+

    • Chris Sawin 09-06-2023 23:22 bởi ChrisSawin

      The main story of _The Flash_ regarding time travel and how it all plays out is solid even if everyone, including the audience, knows it’s the dumbest thing in the world to do. But the film is overwhelmingly goofy and the jokes never land properly. The film is special effects heavy and yet most shots involving an adequate amount of CGI are abysmal. Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton look like they’re having fun, but Ezra Miller is obnoxious as the focal point of the film. There’s no sincerity in his performance even when it seems like he’s being genuine. _The Flash_ is a superhero film that prioritizes silliness with a cheese factor of gargantuan proportions, but no actual entertainment values whatsoever. **Full review:** https://bit.ly/hsalfeht

    • The Movie Mob 02-06-2023 04:24 bởi mooney240

      **The Flash uses the vast catalog of DC history to create an experience that celebrates the past films, highlights the good of the current DC movies, and opens the door for the future.** The Flash reaches a high point on the roller coaster that is the inconsistent and directionless DC film universe. The story, the action, the laughs, and the cameos make The Flash a worthy cinematic debut for the Scarlet Speedster. The movie tone finds its influences more in the Marvel and Joss Whedon realm than the DC and Christopher Nolan universe, with humor overflowing in almost every scene of the movie. Despite the controversy, Miller’s Barry Allen is well done and entertaining, but the film is not great because of The Flash. It’s great because of all the outstanding fan service to long-time and committed DC fans. Ben Affleck’s Batman pummels thugs. Sasha Callie’s Supergirl unleashes her rage on evildoers. But the best part? Michael Keaton’s return to the cowl. His delight to once again portray the Caped Crusader is obvious, and that infectious joy makes the crowd eat up every scene he is in. The other DC cameos inspired plenty of applause from the theater and, I’m sure, will be entertaining for fans. Despite the nonstop humor in the film, Andy Muschietti creates some very emotional and moving moments that help give The Flash a more potent and satisfying ending. While it’s great, it is not a perfect film. The humor gets excessive in some places, and some of the character arcs end more abruptly than I would have liked, but The Flash is a fun, fresh, and entertaining superhero film that superhero fans can celebrate!


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